Thursday, April 24, 2014

Community Voice


The Origins of Our Philanthropy

Articles on the history of charitable giving in Upstate New York:

The Rochester Jewish Community




Advocacy Funding: The Philanthropy of Changing Minds, GrantCraft

Funding Systemic Change, An Interview with the Golisano Foundation




Arts & Culture


              Meet the New York Council for the Humanities


Capacity-Building for Nonprofits

               Ad Council of Rochester - Rural County Funding

Telesca Center for Equal Justice - a shared facility




Child Poverty in New York State


Community Development

Upstate New York Community Indicators - where to find them.

Signs of Promise: Stories of Philanthropic Leadership in Advancing Regional and Neighborhood Equity, Funders' Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities

USDA Rural Development - NYS Office  (Funder Briefing)


Community Foundations

U.S. Community Foundation statistics

The importance of the IRA Charitable Rollover - a letter to Congress


Corporate Grantmaking

Measuring the Business Value of Corporate Philanthropy: Executive Summary - and - Stewardship Principles for Corporate Grantmakers, Council on Foundations


Disaster Relief

NY EDEN (Extension Disaster Education Network) - Funder Briefing

Philanthropy responds to Hurricane Irene

Disaster response strategies for funders.



         After School Networks)
Entrepreneurship in Upstate NY
The Nonprofit Sector



     Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling in NYS - 

An interview with the Park Foundation.



The Influence of Community Factors on Health: An Annotated Bibliography, PolicyLink



     SHIFT (Service and Housing Interventions for Families in Transition).  A study by The Wilson Foundation on housing outcomes in Albany, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo.



              Links to FES in NYS case;

                FES-Monroe County Indicators (report)

                FES-Monroe County Indicators (summary)



Workforce Development






News & Events



NEWS Grantmakers Forum seeks Executive Director  

Non-profit Revitalization Act; NY Value of the Charitable Deduction & More.   GFNY Policy 

Community Voice  Briefings on Upstate community issues

Guide to Grantmakers   Update

Introduction to Philanthropy   May 15, 2014 Open to the Public

Other Events of Interest to Funders

Conversations for Grantmakers
Monthly webinar series.