Friday, November 21, 2014

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Foundations on the Hill

March 5-6, 2014

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Grantmakers Forum of NY

A Resource for Legislators


  • In defense of Donor Advised Funds.  A letter from community foundations around the country to the House Ways & Means Committee.  Signers include Central New York Community Foundation and Rochester Area Community Foundation.

  • House votes (H.R. 4719) to make charitable tax extenders permanent (July 17, 2014).  Read GFNY letter in support. 

  • The NYS Non-profit Revitalization Act signed into law December, 2013.  Read a summary compliments of Harter Secrest & Emery LLP.

  • The IRA Charitable Rollover is part of the extenders bill annually passed by Congress.  Upstate NY Community Foundations wrote to Congress about the importance of this Rollover and how it can be improved.  Read their letter.

  • Tax Reform and The Charitable Deduction
    Why the charitable deduction must be preserved

  • The Charitable Deduction in New York State
    What New Yorkers give and report on their IRS returns

  • Treasury Dept. and IRS propose redefinition of what constitutes nonprofit political activity.  Read the Grantmakers Forum summary of what it means to Upstate NY.

  • Independent Sector Report 2012
  • New York Estate Information
    What New Yorkers bequeathed on their IRS returns

  • Upstate Philanthropy Can't Fill the Gap


The Grantmakers Forum of New York is committed to strengthening and promoting grantmaking throughout the region by creating a common voice for funders to advocate for public policies that build a positive image for philanthropy, encourage charitable giving and advance the nonprofit sector.

The Public Policy Committee works to engage and educate Grantmakers Forum members to realize their potential for individual and collective roles in the public policy process.  The Grantmakers Forum creates opportunities for public/private funder dialogues and provides information about federal, state and local policies that affect grantmakers and their interests in the nonprofit sector.

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November 13, 2014

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