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Grantmakers Forum at a Glance (PDF)

Grantmakers Forum of New York engages funders in the quest for philanthropic excellence. The Grantmakers Forum of New York includes members from Lake Placid to Jamestown and is headquartered in Rochester, NY.

Grantmakers Forum of New York unites and empowers funders to achieve their philanthropic aspirations.   Through Grantmakers Forum, funders connect to share and increase their knowledge, improve their practice, and address philanthropic opportunities that make a positive social, economic and environmental impact.

Grantmakers Forum members include many different types of philanthropic organizations (private foundations, public charities and community foundations, corporate foundations and business giving programs, federated funds and government agencies distributing funds to community nonprofits, families and individuals). For more information, visit About on this website.



News Releases and Editorials

Grantmakers Forum Executive Director to Step Down in October 2014.

The IRA Charitable Rollover.  A letter to Congress from the community foundations of New York.  March 28, 2014.

The Charitable Deduction in NYS.  What New Yorkers give and report on their IRS returns. 

NYS Estate Data - What New Yorkers bequeathed and reported on their IRS returns.

501(c)(4)s in Upstate New York - their role

What's Wrong With Charitable Giving - A Response, November 2009.

Grantmakers Planning for a Tight Economy, December 2008

Report: Challenges Ahead: Upstate NY Philanthropy and the Economy

Celebrate National Philanthropy Day, November 2008

Grantmakers Celebrate 20 Years of Giving September 2008.

Private Foundations Invest in Economic Development

October, 2007.

Letter to the Editor:  Don't have to be Buffett to make a difference.  The Post-Standard, July 5, 2006

Letter to the Editor:  Buffett set a good example of trust in his donation.  The Buffalo News, July 6, 2006



Philanthropic Events

National Philanthropy Day is celebrated November 15 each year.

Grantmakers Forum of New York supports the National Philanthropy Day events around the state.  Contact our office for a list. 


Foundations on the Hill: In March each year, Grantmakers Forum leads a delegation of New York grantmakers to participate in Foundations on the Hill when they visit New York Congressional members to alert them to issues and opportunities in the nonprofit sector of Upstate New York.


This annual event for Upstate New York funders has become an important focus of GFNY national public policy agenda, one that lets allows for discussion of current legislative and tax issues affecting the nonprofit sector throughout the region.

Grantmakers Forum and its members have educated Senators and Representatives about the effects of regulatory legislation on funders and nonprofits in Upstate New York. Visit the GFNY policy section to learn more..

For more information visit the Foundations on the Hill website.



Philanthropy Forums are held periodically throughout Upstate NY to bring together funders and nonprofit service providers to address philanthropic issues. Hosted by Grantmakers Forum of New York and regional partners, these events attract over 200 people from the nonprofit sector.



Policy Issues


Visit our Public Policy section for an analysis of current legislation, charitable reform, and for other current policy issues affecting grantmakers in Upstate New York. 



Regional Philanthropic Information & Statistics 


The Charitable Deduction in NYS.  What New Yorkers give and report on their IRS returns. 

NYS Estate Data - What New Yorkers bequeathed and reported on their IRS returns.

Challenges Ahead:  Upstate NY Philanthropy and the Economy, November 2008.

Foundation Grantmakers and Nonprofits in Upstate New York

The Origins of Our Philanthropy

- The Rochester Jewish Community

 The Changing Face of Philanthropy, 2008




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