Thursday, October 30, 2014

Job Openings

Grantmakers Forum of New York will post job openings for positions within grantmaking organizations or executive positions in the nonprofit sector in our region.  We will also consider posting other positions that relate to our mission and goals.  If you have a position you would like to post, please contact GFNY Communications.


Current Job Openings and Deadlines.

Finance Director, Park Foundation, Ithaca, NY. Posted here on 10/16/14.


Executive Director, Maine Initiatives. Deadline November 14, 2014. Posted here on 10/10/14.


Executive Director, Florida Public Policy Institute. Posted here on 10/10/15.


Executive Director, The Triangle Fund, Corning, NY.  Part time. Deadline Fall, 2014.  Posted here on 9/16/14. 







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