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GFNY events are for funders only unless the program description specifically states that a program is open to the public.


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Aug. 11 Conversations for Grantmakers: Investing in Leadership Development for Nonprofits
Aug. 21 Introduction to Philanthropy in Upstate New York - WEBINAR
Sept. 8 Conversations for Grantmakers: Early Childhood Coalitions
Sept. 23 Grantmakers Forum 40th Anniversary Annual Meeting, Luncheon at Oak Hill CC, Rochester
Oct. 13 Conversations for Grantmakers: Funding Consultants for Nonprofit Improvement
Oct. 22

The Role of Policy in Successful Coalitions Funders Luncheon, Corning, NY.

Nov. 13 Introduction to Philanthropy in Upstate New York - WEBINAR
Dec. 16 Affinity Fair: Grantmakers in Aging 
Jan. 20 Affinity Fair: Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
Feb. 17 Save the Date Affinity Fair: Grantmakers for Children, Youth, and Families
March 24 Save the Date Affinity Fair: Grantmakers in Health
April 21 Save the Date Affinity Fair: The Funders Network for Smart Growth





















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An overview of organized philanthropy in Upstate New York.  How does Upstate New York philanthropy compare to the whole state?  The U.S. ?  What is the role of philanthropy in our region?  What are the forms of philanthropy? Who gives, what do they give and why?  We will explore these questions and some of the answers.


This webinar is recommended for individuals new to philanthropy, who are engaged in either fundraising or grantmaking. Also for those practitioners interested in the statistics of philanthropy in our region. 


Open to the Public. Cost: $25 per person.

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NOTE:  This webinar is provided by Grantmakers Forum once each quarter and is open to the public.  Statistical information is updated yearly in March.

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2013-2014 GFNY Annual Report

Introduction to Philanthropy in Upstate New York
Open to the Public
November 13, 2014

Conversations for Grantmakers
Monthly webinar series.